Wanted to give a nod to my favorite band, Bastille today. They have a song called bad_news that really gives a good personification to what happens to someone when a moment hits they just weren't expecting. We've all had that experience one time or another in our lives where we get smacked with something unpleasant and how we handle them really comes down to our coping skills. I'm writing this today cause I just recently had one of those moments and venting along with writing music is a good coping skill for me. Even in discouragement, it helps me out to remind people that they aren't alone in their hardships. It's very cliche to say, but I also get comfort in knowing things could be much worse and even as I stand now, have a very blessed and good life.

One thing to keep in mind is that nothing is permanent. It may seem like what you are facing will never go away, but truly it will. Your life won't always be the way it is as long as you are actively seeing to it that you make positive changes and strides towards bettering it. Find out what things work for yourself when it comes to coping with bad information and apply it so you are more prepared when crisis hits your life. Thanks for your time, take a look at some of the lyrics from the song Bad_News by Bastille.

Bad news like a sucker punch, what do you say? 
Air knocked out of my lungs want you to stay 
When you hear something difficult don't back away 
Some people say nothing, good ones engage 

Don't turn your back on me 
Don't bury your head deep 
Just cause you don't know what to say 

It's true 
That it kicks you in the teeth when you are least expecting 
Bad news 
Oh it beats you black and blue before you see it coming 


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